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Souldancer on Speaking Palooza 2019

Knowing Your Worth & Public Speaking
(Day 3, Speaking Palooza 2019)

When you know your worth, you have gravitas and confidence. When you have these, it is much easier to speak before an audience with sincerity, authenticity, and grace. In today’s video, Carma Spence chats with Souldancer about how his book, “Pay Me What I’m Worth,” can help you develop the confidence you need to be an effective speaker.

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Get To the Point and Speak with Greater Ease with Joel Schartzberg

Get to the True Point and Speak with Greater Ease
(Day 2, Speaking Palooza 2019)

People often don’t know what a point is — they confuse it with a theme or a title or a topic. However, if you don’t have a point to your presentation, you render yourself pointless. In today’s video post, guest expert Joel Schwartzberg shares his tips on how to develop your point so that you can speak with greater ease.

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Overcome your fear of public speaking: the ultimate guide

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking: The Ultimate Guide
(Day 1, Speaking Palooza 2019)

It’s your turn to speak. Suddenly your ears feel hot and your hands begin to shake. You can barely remember what you intended to say. Your palms are sweating and you can feel your neck muscles tensing. You see purple at the edges of your vision and you feel sick to your stomach. What is happening?

You are having an attack of speaking anxiety, also known as the fear of public speaking or glossophobia.

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