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Select Quotes About Public Speaking and Heroism

Select Quotes About Public Speaking and Heroism

Public Speaking Super Powers is about both the skill of speaking and the courage and heroism it takes to develop this skill. When you step up to the lectern, podium or platform, you are taking on a heroic role — whether you like it or not. Speakers command at least […]

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Types of Speeches: The Information Dump

Types of Speeches: The Information DumpIf you decide to become a professional speaker or use speaking as an integral part of your marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various types of speeches you might be asked to give. In this series of posts, I’ll give you the basics on a variety of types of presentations you can prepare. At the end of this post, I’ve listed previous articles in this series.

What is the information dump?
O.K. I’m not really condoning an information dump here. What I’m referring to is the informational speech, a speech that informs the audience on a specific topic.

You are not training them to do something, you are simply informing them. You see these kinds of speeches at symposia, conventions and other gatherings where speakers are there to share knowledge, not sell you something.

How do you prepare an informational speech?
The key to doing an informational speech well is often in the organization. The flow of facts and information must appear logical to the audience, often building one upon the other.

Let’s say I wanted to give an informational speech on the origins of the Lilith myth (I just learned about it in a book I read recently and was fascinated!). This is how I might organize it:

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Foods to Avoid Before Giving a Speech

foods to avoid before speakingJust like athletes watch what they eat before competition, speakers should watch what they eat before giving a presentation. Certain foods can have a negative effect on your voice, such as increasing phlegm or causing you to loose your train of thought.

Below are a few the usual suspects, although all of them may not have the same effect on you. But, just to be safe, you should probably just avoid them anyway.

Mucous producing foods

Increased mucous in your throat can cause you repeatedly clear your throat and sometimes even block your voice all together. Foods that can increase mucous or phlegm include:

  • Dairy
  • Caffeine
  • Hot spices
  • Soft drinks
  • Refined sugars
  • Chocolate
  • Iced drinks
  • Alcohol


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Public Speaking Training

public speakingAre you a natural-born good speaker?

Unless you just took to the stage like a fish to water, you are more likely to be among the majority of the population that takes to public speaking more like a newborn calf — wobbly at first, but gaining ability through experience.

You don’t need to be born with the gift of eloquence in order to be good at public speaking. Like a lot of skills, public speaking can be learned. And, luckily enough, there are plenty of training opportunities available to you. Here are just a few:

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