Critique of Phil Davison’s Campaign Speech

I first learned of this speech on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. It has been bantered about as the “worst political campaign speech ever” … and I must admit that is is a rather ineffective speech. However, there are some things about Phil Davison’s presentation that are good. Watch the video and then read what I have to say below.

First, one of the most important “super powers” a public speaker can have is passion. Davison certainly has passion!

However, he is exhibiting this passion is a very odd way at what appear to be inappropriate moments. The words he is saying don’t go along with the passion of his presentation.

Second, reading your notes during a presentation is fine. It can keep you on point, but Davison seems to be battling between engaging the audience by stepping away from the lectern and using his notes as a crutch.

So, in summary, I think that Davison was doing all the right things … but in the wrong way. What do you think? Please add your thoughts on what Davison was doing right … or wrong … in the comment box below.

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