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Carma Spence with Long Beach’s Queen Mary in the backgroundI would love to bring people to your place of business for an educational and fun mini workshop and book signing event.

I’m the author of Public Speaking Super Powers (978-1-64085-332-4) from Author Academy Elite and available through Ingram. To write this book, I asked more than 85 speakers what their speaking superpowers were and how someone could develop those powers, as well. In Public Speaking Super Powers I identify those powers and provide actionable steps readers can take to improve their speaking and communication skills.

The book is an Amazon Kindle Bestseller, was a Top 10 Finalist in the 2018 Author Academy Awards, and has garnered some wonderful reviews. Here are a couple.

“Drawing from the experiences of in-the-trenches everyday speakers, Carma Spence has taken a fun concept of superheroes and translated it into public speaking skills. A comprehensive look at excelling in front of an audience, Public Speaking Super Powers is both accessible and useful for speakers who want to develop their speaking super powers. Highly recommended!”

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.,
Best-Selling Author of 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking,
Creator of the Signature SpeechTM, and founder of Speaker Cash Collective

Ben Parris
“An accessible guide for everyone. I have nothing but praise for this clear-thinking presenter. Spence has uncovered valuable advice, much of which I tell my public speaking students every day, and much that hadn’t occurred to me. I kept pausing and commenting, Wow, she’s smart! As accomplished a public speaker as I am today, I read this book through thinking about how much easier my path could have been if I had this advice when I started.”

Ben Parris, Former taxpayer education spokesman for the U.S. Treasury Dept.,
Solar System Ambassador/Media trainer with NASA, and
Author of Today You Write the Book: The Keys to Start Your Novel

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Workshop Topics

I can talk about a wide variety of speaking-related topics. Here are just a few suggestions, however I can customize something specifically for your patrons and customers.

  • Unleash Your Inner Speaking Superhero:
    3 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Speaking
  • Communicate Your Message with Confidence:
    3 Ways to Become a More Confident Speaker
  • What If Speakers Were Superheroes?
    The Top 3 Speaking Superpowers
    and How to Develop Them
  • Speechwriting 101:
    Developing a Well-Crafted Speech
  • A Peek Behind the Curtain:
    The Journey from Idea to Published Book
  • Superman or Batman?
    Is Public Speaking a Learned Skill or
    Something You Are Born Being Able to Do?
Carma speaking about her book at the Polaris Barnes & Noble in Ohio.

Carma speaking about her book at the Polaris Barnes & Noble in Ohio.
Photo by: Mark and Shelly Photography

Highlights of a Public Speaking Super Powers Event

Public Speaking Super Powers Props

  • I can bring cool superhero-themed props that will encourage people to take selfies and tag your store in social media.
  • I can acquire prizes from local businesses to give away and draw people to the event.
  • I can promote the event to local media, my social media following and my email list.

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