Public Speaking Super Powers for Live Video

Are You Using Live Video in Your Business?

Is it working for you?

If not, then Public Speaking Super Powers for Live Video is for you.

In today’s fast-paced market, you have to find new ways to engage your audience or they lose interest quickly. According to recent studies, video is quickly becoming the most popular form of content.

People are busy, they don’t have time to read long articles. But they do have time to watch a short video.

Live video is a great option for you to start connecting with your current and potential customers. Live streaming lets you broadcast a video in real-time to viewers. It can be useful if you want to capture important events as they happen and share them with your followers and fans. It also gives you a way to quickly and easily talk to your community. Live video allows you to build brand awareness, drive sales, and strengthen the bond with your customers.

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Apply for Private Live Video Coaching

I love helping women, introverts and shy people become better speakers, and video — both live and recorded — is such a perfect speaking option for them. If you are relatively new to or inexperienced with live video and would like to gain confidence and clarity with this medium, I invite you to schedule a no-obligation exploratory call with me.

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The coaching program will include:

  • Short online educational sessions and videos on key concepts
  • Personalized feedback on up to five live video broadcasts
  • Templates, cheatsheets and checklists
  • Bonus material on recorded video marketing techniques and strategies

Topics covered will include:

  • What is live video and why does it matter?
  • Live Video Platforms: Compare and Contrast
  • Content Planning: Types of Live Video
  • Content Planning: Key Components of Engaging Live Video
  • Creating Engaging Videos, Part 1: The Technical Stuff
  • Creating Engaging Videos, Part 2: Speaking Tips
  • Finding Your Sweet Spot: Where to experiment to find the perfect match for your audience
  • Engagement & Interactive Techniques
  • Increasing Replay Views
  • Developing an Effective Call to Action
  • Creating a Compelling Title and Description
  • Repurposing Live Video
  • Advanced Topics: Guests

Build Rapport with Your Audience

“When I first started working with Carma on my Facebook live videos, I had already dabbled in them for a while but wasn’t getting the attention that I had hoped for and wasn’t sure what to do in order to be more captivating for my audience. Carma was very kind, encouraging and supportive. She gave me some general pointers and also really specific feedback and advice on my videos via voice message, which helped me see what exactly I was doing well and where I could improve.

“Due to several reasons leading to a hiatus from live videos, I haven’t been able to implement all of her feedback on a consistent basis, yet. But knowing what I need to do once I decide to get back into it, makes me feel confident to do so when the time comes.

“I would recommend enrolling in Carma’s Public Speaking Super Powers for Live Video program. It will help you build rapport with your audience and shape your message in a way that your audience will understand it.”

Anita SeehoffAnita Seehof
Intuition Coach
Freelance Translator & Editor

How the Program Works

  1. Once accepted into the program, you will be sent a link for payment. The cost will be discussed during our call. You’ll have an option for a single payment or multiple payments, whichever works best for you.
  2. Live coaching sessions held via Zoom and last about 60 minutes. They will be recorded and you will receive a link to download them.
  3. You will record a Facebook live video and submit the link to me. I look at the first five minutes and provide feedback and suggestions.
  4. You are encouraged to implement the suggestions in your next Facebook Live.
  5. We repeat this until our agreed-upon package is complete.
  6. You will be given access to an educational portal where video lessons and downloads will be stored. You’ll retain access to this portal, so you can go over these materials again whenever you wish. You will also be grandfathered into any updates to the information.

It’s that simple. So book your exploratory call today!