Featured Speakers

The League of Public Speaking Superheroes

The speakers below are featured on this page of The League of Public Speaking Superheroes because they were interviewed as research for this book. However, anyone who hones their public speaking skills is a member of The League. Read the book, practice your technique and join The League!

Featured speakers are listed in alphabetical order by last name.
Wally Adamchik
Billy Arcement
Robert Arnoff
Maria Aselage
Cindy Ashton
Julie Austin
Brian Basilico
Catherine Bell
Bob Bevard
Bridget Brady
Linda M. Brandt
Tia Brewer
Dr. Gregory A. Buford
Gayle Carson
Mark Chussil
Laurel Clark
Diane Conklin
Anthony Cudjo
C. C. Culver
Nancy Daniels
Roasanne D'Ausilio
Tim David
Maurice DiMino
Darlene Ellison
Mike Faber
Marty M. Fahncke
Carole Felton
Julie Friend
Patricia Fripp
Sonia Pressman Fuentes
Steve Gamlin
Eric Gilboord
Jeffrey Gitterman
Riva Greenberg
Michael J. Griffin
Daniel Hall
Heide Hargreaves
Bette Lou Higgins
Jack Hoban
Justin Honaman
Shel Horowitz
Janet Horton
Tracy Houston
Lily Iatridis
Craig James
Wendy Kinney
Patty Kreamer
Dr. Curtis Kuhn
Sharmen Lane
Louis Lautman
Gregory Lay
Michael Soon Lee
Eldonna Lewis Fernandez
Stefania Lucchetti
Barry Maher
Darlene Mahon
José Ángel Manaiza, Jr.
Tim Manson
Carol McManus
Ric Morgan
Emory Mulling
Elizabeth Murray
Shay Olivarria
Avish Parashar
Fr. Frank Pavone
Jerry Pradier
Sherry Richardson
Arvee Robison
Maria Ross
Markus Rothkranz
Al Rubeling
Steve Sapato
Joel Schwartzberg
E. G. Sebastian
Davida Shensky
Rich Soracco
Laura Stack
Kent Stock
Sue Storm
Pamela D. Straker, Ph.D.
Laurenzo Thomas
Joe M. Turner
Bob Urichuck
Ryan van Cleave
Peggy Vasquez
Meg Waters
Rabbi Edgar Weinsberg
Marilyn Wolf

The Interviews

Each of these speakers was asked the same four questions. It is their answers to these questions that helped me develop the content of Public Speaking Super Powers. Each speaker interpreted the questions in their own unique way and through conducting so many interviews I was able to perceive patterns that you can apply to improve and fine-tune your public speaking skills.

Here are the four questions they answered:

  • Just so listeners can get a feel for your unique expertise, could you tell us a little about your journey to success in public speaking?
  • Do you believe public speaking is a learned skill or something you are born being able to do? Why?
  • If you were a public speaking superhero, what do you believe would be your main super powers?
  • What advice would you give someone if they wanted to develop that particular super power, too?

Carma Spence
“The experience of doing these interviews has been very interesting … because I’m asking the same questions of everyone. But, because everyone is unique and has followed a unique path to their own public speaking success, what they have to say around those questions leads to different topics that sprout off from it.”
– Carma Spence
   from Public Speaking Super Powers