Table of Contents

Super Carma“Sometimes, I think, you can have the knack [for public speaking] but not see it in yourself.”
– Carma Spence
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

An official table of contents is not available because the book is still being written. However, here is my current working outline for the book. I’ll keep it updated as things progress.

Forward by Cindy Ashton

Preface: The Secret Origin of Public Speaking Super Powers

Superman or Batman?

Is Public Speaking a Learned Skill or Something You Are Born Being Able To Do?

The League of Public Speaking Superhero Archetypes

Part One: The Birth of a Hero

Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want To Be with Your Public Speaking Skills

  • Chapter 1: Overcoming the Fear of Speaking: Your Origin Story
  • Chapter 2: The Speaker’s Quest: Your Public Speaking Hero’s Journey
  • Chapter 3: The Power of Practice

Part Two: Unleashing Your Inner Super Powers:

Public Speaking Skills that come from Within

  • Chapter 4: The Power of Passion
  • Chapter 5: The Power of Authenticity
  • Chapter 6: The Power of Audience Engagement
  • Chapter 7: The Power of Confidence

Part Three: The Public Speaking Superhero’s Utility Belt:

Tools of the Trade and How to Master Them

Speech Writing Tips

  • Chapter 8: The Power of References and Resources
  • Chapter 9: The Power of Organization
  • Chapter 10: The Power of Persuasion
  • Chapter 11: The Power of Story Telling
  • Chapter 12: The Power of Humor

Delivery Techniques

  • Chapter 13: The Power of Voice
  • Chapter 14: The Power of Silence
  • Chapter 15: The Power of Body Language
  • Chapter 16: The Power of Eye Contact

Delivery Tools

  • Chapter 17: The Power of Visual Aids
  • Chapter 18: The Power of Handouts

Bonus Chapter

  • Chapter 19: The Business of Speaking


  • Featured Speakers
  • Resource Directory

“If you can, in your mind, be the hero you want to be, be the expert, the wonderful speaker that you want to be, you are more likely to be that for the audience, because you’re evoking what you believe are those excellent skills.”
– Carma Spence
   from Public Speaking Super Powers