Additional Resources

Basic Speaker Training

In order to get from fearful to fearless … or at least comfortable enough to speak in front of a group … you need to practice speaking in front of a group, as well as get some training in basic techniques. Here are some speaker organizations and training programs that can help you get started in speaking.

Toastmasters International
Toastmasters’ mission is to help people improve their communication and leadership skills. It is an excellent venue for overcoming the fear of public speaking and practicing your craft. You can find a Toastmasters group near you through this link. I recommend that you check out more than one club before joining. Each one has its own personality and you will be best served by joining a club that fits your personality best. I am a member of a specilized club for writers, authors and aspiring writers and authors.
Dale Carnegie Training logo
Public Speaking Mastery
Public speaking training from Dale Carnegie Training. The program starts with basic public speaking tips and tricks and moves quickly into actually delivering talks. They teach you how to use sophisticated techniques like voice modulation, attention focusing and idea pyramids for creating impact and audience persuasion, as well.
The Leader's Institute logo
The Leaders Institute
This organization has several public speaking training programs, some live and some online.
Meetup logo
Public Speaking Meetups
If none of the above work for you, or you want an additional venue to practice your speaking skills, consider joining a Meetup group for public speaking in your area.

Intermediate and Advanced Speaker Training

Once you’ve gotten rid of the speaking jitters, it is possible you’ll want to make the leap from amateur to professional. To do that, you’ll need professional-level training. Here are my recommendations.

Authentic Speaking University logo
Authentic Speaking University
Founded by Norma Hollis, Authentic Speaking University helps new and emerging speakers improve and develop their authentic speaking and marketing skills. It is based on a process Hollis developed through her exeperience running a speakers bureou and coaching speakers.
Arvee Robison
Arvee Robinson – Public Speaking Coach
Featured Speaker Arvee Robins offers an excellent program in public speaking and using the skill to build your business.
Cindy Ashton
Your Persuasive Voice with Cindy Ashton
Featured Speaker Cindy Ashton is a premiere speaker trainer and elite level presentation strategist. Her story is amazing … and her skill as a speaker trainer even more so. She works with high level clients and is the founder of the Speaker Stardom Booking Agency & Academy.
Davide Di Giorgio
Davide Di Giorgio’s Unapologetic Community
Davide’s obsession is to transform mission-driven speakers, entrepreneurs, and authors into immersive and unforgettable audience experiences. He believes that when you deliver your message UNFORGETTABLY, you TRANSFORM audiences FOREVER! I’m a member of his community.
Isa Shessel
Ida Shessel
Your Go-To Expert for Presentations and Workshops that Rock
I took one of her free courses and was blown away by the content. Imagine what her paid programs must be like?
Rock Your Talk logo
Rock Your Talk
Kristin Thompson’s Rock Your Talk program gives you access to Kristin’s simple, high-impact strategies that empower you to turn who you are, and what you know into a powerful talk that will impact audiences and create big paydays for your business.

Professional Organizations

Once you’ve made the leap from amateur to professional, you’ll want to join a professional organization that will provide you with networking opportunities and additional training. Here are some organizations to consider.

Women Speakers Association logo
Women Speakers Association
Women Speakers Association (WSA) is an organization where innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message can connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order 
to fulfill their mission. It is the first-ever global community for women speakers, and has a reach in more than 120 countries on 6 of the 7 continents. WSA provides a platform for women to support,
mastermind and mentor one another in the call to empower the voice of the 21st Century Woman. I am a premiere member.
National Speakers Association logo
National Speakers Association
The National Speakers Association (NSA) is a collective of more than 3,500 members whose skills, expertise and experience power the most recognized and respected professional speakers organization in the industry. You have to have reached a certain level in the profession to join, but they do have training to help you get there.
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers logo
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Association for professional speakers in Canada. If you’re currently speaking as part of your job and are considering a full time career as a professional speaker, this association provides programs, information, and access to fellow experts on a regular and local basis anywhere in Canada.
World Speakers Association
World Speakers Association
The World Speakers Association is the international speakers association that serves Professional and aspiring Professional Speakers in building Professional Speaking, Business and Marketing Skills.
Christian Speakers Association
Christian Speakers Association
This association is for Christian professional and aspiring professional speakers. It has an established code of ethics which all members are subject to, which are based on the “Golden Rule” and Judeo-Christian principles as defined by the Founder’s Council.
American Professional Speakers Association
American Professional Speakers Association
America’s exclusive national speakers association affiliated with the World Speakers Association. All Members of the World Speakers Association from America are also Members of the
American Professional Speakers Association.

Specific Advanced Training for Speakers

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, you can start refining specific skill sets. Here are some suggested resources for focusing on the specifics in your continuing speaker training.

The Business of Speaking

One side of being a professional speaker is your speaking ability. The other side is how you build, manage and maintain your business profitability. Here are some resources for helping you with the business side of professional speaking.

Speaker Sponsorship 101
Speaker Sponsorship 101
Presented by Featured Speaker Julie Austin, this seminar is jammed packed with pure content on how you can create your own speaking career using small business sponsorship. Based on 20 years of trial and error small business sponsorship techniques, this is truly street smart sponsorship.

Voice Training

Using your voice effectively can enhance both your message and your vocal health. Here are some vocal coaches who can help you use your voice effectively.

Nancy Daniels
Voice Dynamic
Featured Speaker Nancy Daniels is a voice training, voice improvement and public speaking solutions expert. She offers training, workshops and DVDs to help you improve your voice.
My Voice Coach Voice Lessons for Speakers
From client meetings to interactions with coworkers and important phone conversations, often it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that makes the difference. Using techniques she developed by coaching high-profile celebrity clients, Renee Grant-Williams demonstrates how to make the most of your voice.
Voice and Speech logo
Voice Lessons in Toronto
Vocal Coach Jay Miller provides speaking voice training in person and online. Whether you’re losing your voice, have projection or voice quality concerns, or wish to expand your vocal range for speaking, Miller has the knowledge and experience to uncover your potential, and improve your speaking voice.
sing sing logo
Sarah Algoet can help you get to know your voice and discover the many options that are available to support your message in a healthy and scientifically sound manner.

Story Coaching

Stories are the key tool in any speaker’s tool belt. But unearthing the perfect, compelling stories from our own lives can sometimes be challenging. Also, finding a way to convey those stories powerfully gets many a speaker stuck. These coaches can help you find and hone your stories, providing fuel to your speaking career.

Devorah Spilman logo
Devorah Spilman
If you desire to tap into your inner soul to bring out your most healing or transformational stories in order to make the difference you are meant to make in this world, Devorah is your story coach. She has developed InStory, a unique method, designed for you to practice the deeper, inner work to access your most beautiful, vulnerable, and life-changing stories.
Story Coach logo
Story Coach, Lisa Bloom
Everything depends on your story, Lisa says, your business plan and all of your activities. If your story is not clear to you and to your clients, your business will not thrive. This is about understanding at the most basic level, what you are here to do. Lisa helps her clients uncover their unique and compelling story.
ESpeaks logo
Espeaks | Elizabeth Murphy
Women with diverse experiences tell Elizabeth their stories from beginning to end. As part of the service she offers she listens, ask questions, take notes and then helps them outline and organize a well-crafted message. The end result is a woman who feels comfortable, relatable and successful sharing her story.
Bo Eason Logo
Bo Eason
Bo says that if you want to be successful in anything, you need to master the narrative of your life. Everyone has had a unique path through life and if they can get clear on how that path evolved and how to share it in a compelling way, they’ll connect quickly with anyone, allowing them to be more successful in any profession and life. Bo helps his clients uncover the turning points in their life to piece together a story worthy of applause.

Visual Aid and Virtual Event Training

Creating slides and other visual aids that are effective is important if you are going to effectively engage your audience and not distract them. Related to that is the topic of virtual events, which often feature slides. Below are the few resources I’ve found that can help you in these areas.

Change the World Marketing logo
Change the World Marketing
Ellen Finkelstein of Change the World Marketing offers several training products that will show you how to have more effective slide presentations, whether you are live or virtual. Check out Slide Design for Non-Designers, High-Persuasion PowerPoint Presentation Program and Profit from Webinars.