Bob Bevard

Bob Bevard“It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you are in, or what happened at home, or what happened in the program the day before, or what happened out on the street. None of that is allowed to impact [your presentation]. You show up and you do a great job. And there’s no other thing allowed. It’s just that simple.”
– Bob Bevard
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Bob Bevard is a high content and high-energy speaker who has mastered the art of inspiring and motivating an audience by combining a just-right mix of practical, how-to applications with humor and thought-provoking insights. The result is an empowered audience, armed with new and proven skills that they can put into action immediately.

Skilled in the analysis of problems and in the presentation of solutions, this one-of-a-kind speaker has served as a motivator and consultant to many diverse organizations: Fortune 500 companies, governments, universities, the military, associations and small businesses.

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