Bridget Brady

Bridget Brady“To get the superpower of inspiring people to actually take action and change their lives, I think you have to be really grounded. Really come from your heart… Like deeper than you think you can go. Because when you start to really touch into your own soul and your own pain and your own stuff, people can feel that. And it almost changes them on a cellular level. And when that happens, it’s when they can actually take what they learned, and move it from their head to their heart. Like, move it into their body. And really make a change.”
– Bridget Brady
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Bridget Brady is an enlightened entrepreneur, speaker, author, and social media authority. A true Renaissance woman, Bridget spent 10 years doing theatre in New York City, 16 years as an actor and singer in Los Angeles, as well as 15 years working as a Software Developer and Project Manager in Corporate America (including 7 years on Wall Street in New York).

After working in Corporate America for 15 years, she left the “rat race” and started her own business in 2007. Her company, Amp Up My Biz, is a leader in the world of online marketing. Bridget and her team provide full-service, soup-to-nuts marketing solutions including Social Media Marketing & Training, Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, and Speaker & Sales Training. Her latest book, Jobs to Jammies is currently available on Amazon.

Bridget facilitates private corporate training for sales teams, and high-level executives to increase sales and dramatically improve presentations. Bridget is the official Presentation and Speaker Trainer for the two largest online Universities in the world,, and She has also had the opportunity to sing and speak internationally on stages all over the world.

Bridget is passionate about helping business owners grow their brands, their businesses, and their bottom lines. The Amp Up My Biz mission is simple: Help you grow your business while creating more freedom and joy for you and your team.

She has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs create and close more business. She can help you do the same!

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