C. C. Culver

C. C. Culver“You’re a unique person and you have the unique ability to communicate in a way no one else does. That uniqueness gives you the ability to share with people through another lens, another paradigm of how you might see things, that might alter and bring about some unique qualities, some unique ideas and even ways of getting things done, that someone may not have thought about before.”
– C. C. Culver
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

C.C. Culver is an international speaker on such topics as Leadership/Management, Organization, Systems Engineering and Space Exploration.

She has received numerous awards and honors from such notable organizations as Lockheed Martin, the United States Air Force, GeoDynamics, General Electric Aerospace and NASA. C.C.’s career includes working on the Lunar Prospector Mission, a satellite mission that detected signs of water on the moon.

Additionally, C.C. worked on two missions that she calls “Quail and Manna in the Wilderness of Space” on the Shuttle and International Space Station. These missions are often included in her presentations.

For 3 years after the Water Calamity and Hurricane Katrina, Cathy led five teams to help with New Orleans Disaster Relief with the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Leadership Association Bay Area Chapter and Strategic Training and Research Services (S.T.A.R.S., Inc.), a 501(c)3 organization that provides fun learning opportunities.

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