Carol McManus

Carol McManus“No matter how fearful you are, in your area of expertise, your message, you know what you want to say, and they’re there to hear it. They are there to support you and for you to be successful. They’re not there to harm you. They don’t want you to fail.”
– Carol McManus
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Carol McManus is truly a LinkedIn expert. She enjoyed a long career in the corporate world serving in various roles of management, executive leadership, and operations, as well as training. When she left her last position as SVP of Operations for Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, it was to launch her own company. Her first venture was Ywait4success, a company that provided coaching, consulting and leadership development services. In the first year, she reached her six-figure goals through the effective use of social media.

Once the word got out, her business focus shifted to help other business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs use social media to grow their brands. That’s how she became America’s LinkedIn Lady and a well known LinkedIn expert.

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