Carole A. Felton

“I think speech patterns are important as a speaker so that you don’t assume that you can use a phrase that generalizes. I think the more specific you are and, of course, the more clear you are, the clarity of what you say … the enunciation … the interesting tone that you use. I think all of that is important.”
– Carole A. Felton
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Founder and President of Carole Felton Communications, Carole A. Felton can best be described as a hybrid in the related fields of communications, marketing, and public relations. A marketing mutant, Carole not only sees windmills but gets a cold from the breeze! A true believer in re-booting when you must, reinventing when necessary and imbuing it all with enthusiasm and passion, she maximizes marketing potential for every project, organization, company, and program with whom she partners. She blends traditional with digital seamlessly and “gets it.” She IS the “wow factor” and a muse.

Branding products and services long before branding became an industry buzzword, Carole created “buzz-drivers” and was “re-tweeting” on the street in the 1980’s. She created a new branch of dentistry by realizing the true marketing opportunity was not the product a client wanted to sell, rather the actual service that would transform dentistry: the diagnosis and treatment of bad breath. Carole has fine-tuned branding into icon-building.

Now celebrating its 25th year, Carole Felton Communications, has received dozens of awards, honors, and accolades. It’s always “showtime” for Carole who speaks fluently, passionately and intelligently about trends, issues and how it all fits together so that her audience, clients, colleagues, and friends can thread her views and news into successful business and marketing opportunities.

A powerhouse of energy, Carole uses her MBA and SRES (certification as a specialist in marketing to active adults 55+) credentials to heat up creative and real-life marketing and public relations’ strategies whether you are a Millenial or a Boomer. (Marketing to Boomers is her firm’s specialty) or want to sell to these demographics.

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