Cindy Ashton

Cindy Ashton“Be willing to stand out from the crowd. Find out what’s a unique story that you have. What’s a unique talent that you have… Everybody has something unique about them.”
– Cindy Ashton
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Where motivation meets the red carpet you will find Cindy Ashton taking the stage! An expert in overcoming obstacles and author of Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye, Cindy’s dedication has resulted in receiving President Obama’s “Call to Service” award for providing outstanding service to her community.

Born with only a 20% chance of living, Cindy underwent three heart surgeries by age 14 and was left in chronic pain and with a damaged lung. Surpassing all odds, she has gone on to train in a professional dance company six hours a day and sing opera, even on her damaged lung.

Cindy combines her extensive backgrounds in performing, education and kinesiology with her own real-life experience to give people real-life strategies for superstar living, leading them to beat their odds and can claim their very own red carpet moment. Through keynote speeches, interactive seminars and motivational concerts across North America, Cindy has shared the stage with such motivational powerhouses as Barbara De Angelis, Lisa Nichols and Bob Proctor.

An internationally published writer, Cindy was recently published in Performance Magazine, alongside Donald Trump, President Obama and Tony Robbins. Cindy has been featured on CBC Radio, Metro News and the Body Mind Spirit Show as well as other international media. She released her debut CD, Don’t Rain On My Parade, in 2006, her Kiss the Monster Meditation CD in 2008; her book, Kiss Your Monsters Goodbye: Overcome Your Obstacles & Achieve the Success You Deserve in 2009 and her program, Superstar System to Beat the O.D.D.S. in 2010.

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