Davida Shensky

Davida Shensky“Every professional speaker is a motivational speaker. They’re all saying the same thing. The difference is the stories they tell.”
– Davida Shensky
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

When Davida Shensky entered school there were no laws guaranteeing people with disabilities the right to an education. Therefore, her teachers did not understand that cerebral palsy (CP) affects how the brain processes information or that she learned differently. She also grew up in a dysfunctional family where there was a lot of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, so as a child she had low self-esteem. It was only after entering college and studying both mental health and psychology that she learned to turn her mindset from a negative one to a more positive one.

Davida holds an AAS in Mental Health, BS in Psychology, and credits towards a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling (employment counseling for people with disabilities). She attended Toastmasters and received both the CTM and ATM certifications. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Georgia Chapter, she participated in their mentoring program and put together a speech “Success is My Only Option!”

She attended the American Seminar Leaders Association University and received the Certified Seminar Leader (CSL) Certification.

For more information: www.1personalcareercoach.com

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