E.G. Sebastian

E.G. Sebastian“Public speaking is one of the most unnatural things. I don’t think that anybody is born to do it. I think very few people feel comfortable with public speaking right from the beginning. And even those who feel comfortable, they will not do it right. Public speaking is like being a mechanic or like any skill. Yes, you can pick up a hammer or you can try to fix a car. I can open the hood of my car and try to tinker with the engine, but I cannot fix it. Nobody is born a mechanic. And nobody’s born as a public speaker either.”
– E.G. Sebastian
   Public Speaking Super Powers

E.G. Sebastian is the president of E.G. Performance Solutions and an international speaker (speaks six languages). He presents workshops and seminars on topics related to behavior, communication, leadership, and attaining personal and professional success.

Known by many as America’s Peaceful Communication Messenger, E.G. empowers individuals and teams to become more productive, deal with conflict effectively, and communicate with coworkers with respect and acceptance. As an international speaker E.G. has spread his message of peaceful communication to tens of thousands of individuals around the world

E.G. is the past area governor for two consecutive years of Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization that helps individuals develop public speaking and leadership skills. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he is a successful Relationship Development Coach, is a certified DiSC Behavioral expert, and the author of Communication Skills Magic and co-author of Bushido Business – The Fine Art of the Modern Professional, co-authored with Brian Tracy and Steven M.R. Covey.

For more information: www.egSebastian.com and www.PaidSpeaker101.com

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