Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray“I would have them learn their subject, but in a joyful way, and in a broad way. So it’s not just about facts, but it’s also about stories. I would encourage them to listen to storytellers, and even some standup comedians that are rather good, so that they get a sense of timing.”
– Elizabeth Murray
   Public Speaking Super Powers

Elizabeth Murray is an author, photographer, painter and garden designer. As a speaker and workshop leader, Elizabeth uses the beauty of her photographic images, personal stories, garden metaphors, and warm humor to inspire the imagination of her audience to connect with what has heart and meaning and to express their own creativity.

Elizabeth’s passion for Nature and appreciation of beauty inspired her dedication to diverse projects around the world—from Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France, to remote African villages, to the Amazon rain forest.

Elizabeth is perhaps best-known for her work helping to restore Monet’s gardens and photographing them for 25 years, her new book Monet’s Passion, ideas, insights and inspiration from the Painter’s Gardens gives historic insight into Monet growing his muse, the garden today in all the seasons and doable ideas to bring home to your own garden with actual planting schemes. Her photos have traveled with Monet’s paintings to eight museums, and are also published annually in calendars.

For more information: www.elizabethmurray.com

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