Eric Gilboord

Eric Gilboord“I like to make the audience laugh. I think it’s fun to get them out of their comfort zone and make them laugh a little bit. Throw them off a little bit, sometimes. You can have the best of intentions and you want to be perceived as a very qualified expert. So sometimes there’s the risk of being perhaps a little bit too serious. And I think you have to balance that out.”
– Eric Gilboord
   Public Speaking Super Powers

Eric Gilboord is a specialist in making marketing easy for business owner/operators and any staff with sales or marketing responsibility. He demystifies marketing so they can use it to generate sales today and grow their businesses faster. Eric believes in blending traditional marketing with new media/social media. ROI is a must.

Eric is a popular speaker, coach, columnist, and author of many articles and books on moving a business up to the next level. The Expert Business Calls for Marketing Advice…That’s Easy to Understand.

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