Gregory Lay

Gregory Lay“Be willing not to be the expert in the room when somebody has a situation or a problem. Yeah, sit there and make notes to yourself about how you would solve it, but give the audience a chance to solve it first. Give the audience a chance to get involved, because people love being helpful.”
– Gregory Lay
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Gregory Lay writes and speaks to help people in the workplace develop and maintain productive, practical, and positive habits.

In his syndicated column – Heartily Working – Gregory responds to questions from all organizational levels, helping everybody from the front line to the executive suite with strategies for improving relationships and getting the job done right.

He is publishing a collection of Heartily Working columns in an advice book for employees and employers and is a featured writer in the book Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together, released in October 2010.

He is the designer and principal presenter of a series of full-day adult education training programs to develop leadership and management skills, including:

  • Personal Performance: Creating Your Success Strategy
  • Supervision: Structures for Effective Management
  • Leadership: The Legend of The Leader
  • Teamwork: Pulling Together, Not Pulling Apart
  • Communication: Building Better Relationships
  • Balancing People and Projects: Excellence in Execution
  • Public Speaking: Stand and Deliver

Gregory combines lessons learned from three careers to deliver his message. He began in journalism, learning to deliver concise messages on a tight deadline. He developed an understanding of working with people as a manager in research, health, manufacturing, and retail organizations. He has polished his delivery skills as a corporate and contract trainer.

When you invite Gregory Lay to speak to your organization or to provide content for your publication, you get a voice for practical solutions to maintain strong productivity with a positive attitude – and your audience gets an entertaining presentation of valuable information to improve performance.

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