Janet Horton

Janet Horton“Spend some time with your audience. Learn to read the body language. Listen to the audience. If they’re aggressive, if they’re asking questions, then you want to respond that way. You have to give the audience what they want.”
– Janet Horton
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

As an entrepreneur for 50 years, Janet Horton does what entrepreneurs do; she listens, learns, and meets needs, by founding businesses. Consequently, in 2001 she founded Columbia County PC Incorporated in Florida, which now has subsidiary operations, the Speakers Showcase, Computer Learning Center, and Seminars@Sea.

Janet is also a writer, author, and publisher, and hosts her local computer club. Through public speaking, she is an educator. Her greatest enjoyment probably comes from public speaking because of the instantaneous positive feedback. Janet’s latest venture, Seminars@Sea, affords her the opportunity to do all the things she enjoys most — travel, educate by conducting seminars, and listen and learn from people.

As an author, Janet has written two non-fiction books; Marketing and Publishing a Manuscript and Unlocking PC Mysteries. She also wrote and published her autobiography: Me, Myself, and I: Surviving, which is actually a pictorial journey through the many facets of her life.

Janet was born in Kentucky but has been fortunate to have lived, worked or traveled in every US state, has visited four continents, and been around the world. In every sense, she believes she is a work in progress and continues to evolve as she watches, listens and learns.

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