Jeffrey Gitterman

“A lot of people go into public speaking and go up on the podium and on stage and think that they’re being judged. And that fear of being judged is what the whole fear of public speaking is about. You know that feeling of shame or embarrassment that’s one of the worst fears that we have. … So what we try to coach people on who are doing public speaking is to stop thinking about it as you. And to start thinking about it as you’re just the messenger for the message. You’re just delivering it. And it doesn’t really matter what anyone in the audience thinks. It’s how well you can honor the message.”
– Jeffrey Gitterman
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Jeffrey Gitterman is an award-winning financial advisor and the founder and CEO of Gitterman & Associates Wealth Management, LLC. In these challenging economic times, Jeff recently co-founded Beyond Success, a coaching and consulting firm that brings more holistic values to the world of business and finance. His first book, Beyond Success: Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity, was recently published by AMACOM, the publishing house of the American Management Association.

Over the past several years, Jeff has been featured and interviewed on several national and local print, TV, and radio programs, including Money, CNN, Financial Advisor, New Jersey Business Journal, and News 12 New Jersey. In 2004, he was honored by Fortune Small Business Magazine as One of Our Nation’s Best Bosses. Jeff also serves as chairman of the advisory board of the Autism Center of New Jersey Medical School, an organization that raises significant monies each year for autism research and support services.

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