Jerry Pradier

Jerry Pradier“Outline the points that you’re going to make in some kind of the logical sequence. Whether it be chronological, historical, alphabetical, process steps, or whatever. Because when you do that, you don’t have to rely on your notes so much and won’t be reading your presentation. If it’s logical to you to follow a certain sequence, then it’s easier for you to present that sequence to others and easier for them to understand where you’re going.”
– Jerry Pradier
   Public Speaking Super Powers

Known as “The Fixer,” Jerry Pradier is a nationally acclaimed speaker and author of the book, Financial Success: Ten Shortcuts to a Profitable Business. He is also a nationally and internationally accredited Business Optimization Expert, who displays the remarkable ability to analyze, evaluate and solve virtually any business problem. This skill is honed through more than 28 years of managing businesses from private, independent companies to large US Government organizations.

Working with entrepreneurs across the US, he mentors business owners and managing directors and coaches executive team members to increase productivity and personal success.
Additionally, Jerry is a renowned business trainer and presents workshops and seminars for various non-profit and governmental organizations on a wide range of business topics.

He also is the producer and host of the business development television program entitled Progressive Business, broadcast daily on Aspen, Colorado’s Grassroots TV.

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