Kent Stock

“My advice to people is to do all the public speaking that you get an opportunity to do.”
– Kent Stock
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

A teacher, coach, middle school principal, banker, and speaker, Kent Stock is also the man who coached the Norway baseball team during their now-famous final season. As depicted in the 2007 film, The Final Season, the nationally recognized Norway baseball team came together under then first-year head baseball coach Kent Stock to defy the odds and win Norway’s 20th state title in what would become the team’s final season before merging with a bigger, neighboring school district. Kent recently released a book titled, Heading for Home: My Journey from Little League to Hollywood outlining his life’s journey and the behind the scenes stories of filming a movie.

Kent Stock and Sean Astin

Kent Stock with Sean Astin, who plays him in The Final Season

Kent was born and raised in Ankeny, Iowa where he excelled at baseball and basketball. Kent continued his baseball career at Waldorf College and Luther College. In 1985 he began a teaching and coaching career that spanned 23 years. Today, Kent is a relationship manager at Community Savings Bank in Cedar Rapids.

While a long-time inspirational force for the many students he has taught and coached over the years, their families and countless education providers, Kent launched his professional speaking career in 2007. His inspirational message has a powerful impact on young and old alike and transcends the field, classroom, or office.

Kent currently lives in Marion, IA with his wife Laurie and daughters Kendrie, 11, and Kylee 10.

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