Lily Iatridis

Lily Iatridis“Keep it down to just two or three primary objectives, even if it’s a full-day event. Take those two or three objectives and then structure them in a way so that you are, in your mind, thinking about … exactly what your audience is going to know and be able to do and in a benefits-based manner, in terms of the transformation that you offer them with your expertise. … Develop those more thoroughly and focus on each one of those. And then, maybe, even several hours on each one of those instead of having just a giant eight-hour-long lecture with PowerPoint after PowerPoint after PowerPoint.”
– Lily Iatridis
   Public Speaking Super Powers

Lily Iatridis of Fearless Delivery has a proven track record and knows the key elements in the effective and engaging presentation. Her expertise is in supporting professionals to get their message expressed clearly to deliver the biggest results in their live and online presentations. Secrets and strategies such as “how-to” shortcuts, personalized instruction and even packaging the presentation are just some of the skill sets that Lily brings to her audience to create a fearless and effective delivery.

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