Maria Aselage

Maria Aselage“To me that is so important. It’s knowing who your audience is, knowing what they want to get out of it and making sure that you hone that message, so they walk away and they say, ‘Wow. I got that point. I know what that was about. It wasn’t a waste of my time.'”
– Maria Aselage,
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Maria Aselage is the President of HearSay Communications, a communications consulting company located in Charleston, SC. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at The Citadel where she teaches Business Communications to undergraduate and graduate students.

Maria has more than 15 years’ experience in the communications field and is an award-winning television journalist and website developer. She received an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Georgia and an MBA from The Citadel.

Maria spent more than six years as a television news anchor and reporter. After leaving the news business in 1998, she taught public speaking at The Citadel. From 2002–2005, she served as the communications director and media spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Charleston. In May 2005, Maria moved to the Jacksonville, Fla., area where she was the Executive Vice President of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce. She moved back to Charleston in January 2007, started HearSay Communications, and began teaching again at The Citadel.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys attending wine tastings and swimming.

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