Maria Ross

Maria Ross“Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about them. So you need to remember that your audience and what they care about and what they need to hear is the most important thing. Not what you want to say.”
– Maria Ross
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Maria Ross is an author and speaker who runs Red Slice, a brand consultancy that helps solopreneurs, startups and small to mid-sized businesses craft irresistible brands. She has more than 24 years experience building brands, creating campaigns, generating leads and advising companies big and small on how to tell the right story to the right customers at the right time. She’s the author of Branding Basics for Small Business, now in its second edition, as well as a powerful personal memoir, Rebooting My Brain and her mini-eBook series, The Juicy Guides for Entrepreneurs. Maria is a dynamic keynote speaker on both business and inspirational topics, has been featured in many media outlets including MSNBC, and Entrepreneur Magazine and she writes for

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