Michael J. Griffin

Michael J. Griffin“To think that you can write one presentation or one speech, and that’s going to fit everybody, I think is a gross injustice to your audience. Because as a public speaker, the most important thing, I think, that you need to understand is your audience.”
– Michael J. Griffin
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

In 1974, Michael J. Griffin founded the organization that was to become Griffin Marketing Services, Inc. an integrated marketing and advertising company which became a top ten producer of television commercials in the Chicago market and one of the largest video, film, and multimedia production companies in the Midwest.

The company won more than 100 national and international awards for his work. As a journalist, advertising executive, public speaker, consultant and director Michael has written fiction, articles, top-level corporate communications films, speeches, brochures, advertising campaigns, marketing plans, music, lyrics, and training programs for some of the most well-known names in business and industry including McDonald’s, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Cubs, FMC Corporation, Motorola, Hyatt Corporation, USX, MCI, Kellogg’s and more. He also has extensive experience in working with non-profit organizations.

In 2010, he developed the Griffin Creative Institute to help individuals, companies, and organizations discover and develop their creative abilities. His book The Eight Creative Personalities–And How to Discover and Unlock Yours will be published sometime in 2011.

His first novel, Redemption Road, has won extraordinary critical acclaim, and his second work of fiction Last Stop Before Dawn was published in 2014. He teaches creative marketing classes at the University of South Florida and is a frequent keynote speaker at corporate events.

For more information: www.griffinmarketingservices.com

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