Mike Faber

Mike Faber“I think you have to be born with a little bit of hubris as well as humility. And the hubris is the idea that you can get up on the platform and have something intelligent to say.”
– Mike Faber
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Mike Faber is a speaker, trainer and certified professional coach who has taught thousands of business leaders to communicate passionately and effectively. His work with Hawaiian business and community leaders forms the foundation of Aloha Leadership™, a new keynote that teaches leadership with an “Island” twist!

Mike brings the lessons of a 30-year career in sales, management and broadcasting to audiences in a unique style that combines humor, candor, and lessons that can be applied to all walks of life. He is the author of three books, including 89 Seconds to Sales Success and 89 Seconds to Leadership Success, and recently released The 52 Greatest Business Development Questions Ever! card deck.

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