Nancy Daniels

Nancy DanielsLearn to breathe to control your nervousness. Because shallow or lazy breathing, which is typical of the majority of the population, actually increases your stress. Therefore if you approached the lectern and you’re already nervous, your shallow breathing is only exacerbating it. Whereas if you can learn to breathe with that support [of your diaphram], your nervousness is going to work for you. I want you nervous. Absolutely, I think nervousness is excellent because it can take that presentation to heights you can’t imagine.”
– Nancy Daniels
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

International Speaker and Voice Specialist Nancy Daniels has been involved in voice training since 1977. A graduate of Gettysburg College with a BA in music, she discovered the techniques for improving the sound of the speaking voice while in graduate school at American University in Washington, D.C.

In addition to her guest speaking engagements, Nancy gives seminars and corporate and group workshops in the United States and Canada in Voice and Presentation Skills. For those unable to work with her directly, she offers Voicing It!, the only video training course on voice improvement.

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