Rich Soracco

Rich Soracco“Jump in with both feet and find a point of view or perspective that you’d like to share with people. And if you get on the floor and you’ve got something to say that you feel strongly about I think everybody turns into a superhero, in that case.”
– Rich Soracco
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Rich Soracco is the founder & CEO of The O.S. Group, Inc. with 3 divisions (Computer Networking Support, Engineering, and Business Process Re-Engineering and Franchise Modeling) and 39 staff members, serving more than 1600 clients since 1981 in a dozen states. He is also co-founder, part-owner, and COO of both MYM of Western Pa., LLC., a Pittsburgh based Marketing Company, with a proprietary marketing program for businesses, and Multi-Touch, Inc., a Colorado-based Software Company, with an advanced, intelligent marketing solution for businesses. Rich has served as CEO of Office Automation System, Inc. during their start-up, IPO, and merger with Delta Software, Inc.

Rich wrote operating system software for IBM to be sold with their first minicomputer, the System 3. He joined Source Services Corporation as a principal and Associate Director of their Pittsburgh office. He was also Technical Staff Manager for the Pittsburgh office of Computer Management, Inc. As an Engineer for Texas Instruments, Inc., Rich designed computers for the FAA’s Instrument Landing System in use at all airports of size in the nation.

Rich lives in Pittsburgh PA with his wife of 21 years, Carolyn, and their twin daughters, Christina and Stephanie. Prior to opening his Marketing firm, Rich spent more than 30 years in all aspects of the computer industry and helping other business owners achieve financial independence and free up the time to enjoy it.

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