Sharmen Lane

Sharmen Lane“There’s real fear and there’s fake fear. And a real fear is something that would cause physical harm or death. And a fake fear is something that really only exists in our mind but we are to hold us back and not you know take on the things that we’re capable of.”
– Sharmen Lane
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Sharmen Lane, was high school dropout manicurist, who became a college graduate millionaire and a top sales rep at a multimillion dollar organization. She has been highly recognized for her award-winning career in sales and is now a highly recommended International speaker and four-time author. She gives you the WOW and the How. Her programs offer the motivation, inspiration, and information to help you create the life want. Sharmen recently released her fourth book, Giving You the WOW and the How. This book takes self-help to a whole new level. You are not only given inspiring, life-changing information but you are also given the tools on how to use these tools, tips, and strategies to accomplish anything you desire.

Sharmen has been interviewed on Fox TVNews, Lifetime TV, NPR, Hollywood Confidential with Leeza Gibbons, NY Daily News, Businessweek, Self, and has spoken for major companies like Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, Isagenix, World Financial Group, Women’s Expos High Schools, Colleges and more.

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