Sherry Richardson

Sherry Richardson“You don’t realize how important timing is in any type of presentation. You don’t want to go too slow and drag it out. You don’t want to go so fast that nobody’s catching a lick of what you’re having to say. So timing is also very important.”
– Sherry Richardson
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Sherry Richardson co-founded Alan Cox Automotive in 1983. As the sole owner since 1996 (she retired in 2015), Sherry wore many hats for her business including customer service, service adviser, accounting, HR, marketing and event planning. Although Sherry holds a BBA in Management from Georgia State University, marketing became her forte.

Sherry co-founded Automotive Boot Camp to educate and empower women and men about vehicle service and maintenance. Sherry writes a monthly e-newsletter entitled “Maintenance Matters”. Public speaking has become a new venture. In addition to Automotive Boot Camp, Sherry has spoken on a variety of subjects including “Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry” and “Think Creatively – Not Competitively Five Unique Ways to Market Your Company.”

Sherry is active in Marietta, Kennesaw and Acworth Business Associations. She serves as a Co-chair Board of Directors of VisionsAnew and also sponsors March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and Project Linus. Sherry’s hobbies include driving her Honda S2000, flying her ultralight trike, scuba diving, tap dancing, crocheting, and reading.

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