Souldancer“if you’re willing to, like a seed, be watered and given sunlight. If you’re willing to water that seed, to allow yourself to speak in a public format, find the right coaches, find the right training. And by that I mean feel comfortable in what you’re doing, you are put in an environment where you don’t feel shame or guilt. I think anyone can become a great public speaker with enough confidence.”
– Souldancer
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Souldancer enjoys a unique birth name as well a life as a private spiritual teacher, coach, key-note speaker, and live-talk radio show host. Soul is the Founder of Soul University and author of Pay Me What I’m Worth and Learn To Receive. His life journey includes earning a masters in social work and a bachelors in human relationships from the University of Minnesota. His travels take him to 20+ countries to receive training and offer teaching as a social worker, monk and shaman. He enjoys living and teaching how to live a culturally competent, spiritually awake and aware life.

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