Stefania Lucchetti

Stefania Lucchetti“You have to be constantly tuned in to people’s reactions to what you are saying—to their faces, to whether they’re smiling or laughing, or not paying attention—and continuously tune your presentation to the reactions you’re seeing. Be engaged with the audience. This is only possible if you know your materials well and you’re not so concentrated on yourself.”
– Stefania Lucchetti
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Stefania Lucchetti is a corporate lawyer focusing on M&A, technology, corporate governance, and commercial.

Her practice has developed since 1998 in Europe and Asia in tier 1 law firms and in-house departments of corporations in both the high tech and the financial industry and she has substantial technical and practical transactional experience in most European and South East Asian jurisdictions acting for major multinationals and businesses operating in those regions. She is also the author of several business books which have been tagged as “the message of the times” and regularly defined as “life-changing” by readers.

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