Sue Storm

Sue Storm“People say to me, ‘Do you get nervous?,’ and ‘Aren’t you nervous when you go on TV?’ And ‘Are you going to be talking on stage, aren’t you nervous?’ And I’m not because to me, I’m just talking one on one to people who want to hear what I have to say and I want to tell them what I have to say.”
– Sue Storm
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Sue Storm is a renowned international author, speaker and prosperity consultant. Her edge: Angelic Wisdom! The Angel Lady has a unique connection with the angels that provides accurate, “at your fingertips” information to jump start all aspects of life. Her expertise in business and career advancement is unparalleled. She provides the direction to make better decisions and attain maximum success. The Angel Lady’s guidance in the prosperity field has been shared on 1,500 radio and TV shows worldwide. As host of her own radio show, Angel Talk, and author of Angel First Aid, Remedies for Life, Love, and Prosperity, Sue Storm sends the message of the angels across the globe.

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