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Tim David“It’s not only what you say, it’s what they hear. That’s more important. … So the word persuasion … is almost like a brick. … A brick is not immoral. And a brick is not moral. There’s no inherent moral value to a brick. There’s no inherent immoral value to a brick. A brick is amoral. So, of course, it’s what you bring to the brick, the intention that you bring to the brick makes it either immoral or moral. You can take a brick, you can throw it through a window and begin looting. You can throw it at a person, try to harm them. Or you could take that same brick and combine it with some other bricks and build a hospital, or build a school. And these types of things, of course, are very, very different from each other. And for the same exact thing, there certainly are people who can take the techniques that I teach and use them for bad things. Remember we said, this is a power. All power can be abused.”
– Tim David
   Public Speaking Super Powers

Like you, author and influential communication expert, Tim David is frustrated by what is happening to the quality of human connection in our modern world. Can more connection really increase the bottom line and improve the quality of our lives at the same time? Will better human connection really make us better leaders, better salespeople, and better co-workers?

With over ten years of speaking, mentoring, writing, and most importantly real-world, in-the-trenches business experience, Tim can unequivocally answer, “YES!”

Strong human connection makes you more memorable, likable, and influential, which is something everyone wants, but few people realize is a learned skill and not an innate gift. In short, anyone can discover simple ways to improve the quality and power of human connection in their life.

Nothing could be simpler or more practical than the ideas in his bestselling book, Magic Words – The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence (Penguin Random House). Tim’s science-based approach is radically different from standard leadership, sales, or communication training as it was honed during his years as a professional and international award-winning “brain science magician” and perfected while working with top companies and organizations from almost every US state and around the world.

Tim’s work has been profiled in hundreds of media outlets including Forbes, New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Chicago Tribune, the Today Show, Investor’s Business Daily, Harvard Business Review, New York Magazine, World Magazine, and he writes regular columns for PsychologyToday.com and Huffington Post.

His podcast, The Studies Show highlights interesting psychological and neuroscientific studies that give us a glimpse into how we can connect and communicate better with the human brain.

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