Wendy Kinney

Wendy Kinney“All professionals are constantly bumping up their craft. And people who think that they’re better when they’re impromptu, are simply wrong.”
– Wendy Kinney
   from Public Speaking Super Powers

Wendy Kinney is the founder of the Atlanta office of PowerCore, America’s most powerful business referral network. And since 1995, 72 PowerCore Teams have been established in the metro Atlanta Area, connecting more than 7,318 Members.

Wendy continues to guide Atlanta’s entrepreneurial community into the lucrative and exciting world of referral marketing. And she’s gone global; bringing her proven methods and innovative techniques for creating Ah-ha’s and shocks of recognition to corporate events around the world.

Wendy created her signature program, Ready… Set… Go Make Money!, networking methodology from her 16 years of living and breathing networking.

For more information: www.PowerCore.net

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