Case Lane: How to Get on Podcasts [Podcast]

Are you frustrated or confused about how to get on podcasts? Never fear! In this month’s episode of the Public Speaking Super Powers podcast, my guest, Case Lane, shares her step-by-step process for finding and landing guest podcasting opportunities.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Where to search for podcasts (Hint: Apple isn’t your best choice!)
  • How to vet the podcasts you find so that you don’t waste your time with those that won’t be a good fit
  • How to find contact information for the podcasts you choose to pursue

How to get on podcasts - Case Lane on Public Speaking Super Powers podcast

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Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast: Season 5, Episode 4

Length: 18 minutes, 22 seconds

The basic steps Case shares on how to get on podcasts:

  1. Create a list of categories and keywords that your topic fits under
  2. List all the names of podcasts you can find
  3. Then research each one on Apple Podcasts
  4. Look for podcasts that do interviews and that are active
  5. Then go to the show’s website to find contact info and more info

You can download her free checklist for how to get on to pocasts here.

About Case Lane

Case Lane is a global writer, podcaster, entrepreneur, traveler, and the founder of Ready Entrepreneur. A former diplomat, consultant, and corporate executive, she now prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how to take advantage of technology and global resources
to achieve lifestyle freedom by starting their own online business. After a book promotion podcast tour, Case developed an approach to help professionals, writers, entrepreneurs, and other public speakers understand and navigate the growing podcast industry as guest speakers.

Video Version: How to Get on Podcasts with Guest Case Lane

About the Public Speaking Super Powers Podcast

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