How to write a speech for a book launch

Is a speech given at a book launch different than other kinds of speeches?

Yes … and no.

How to write a speech for a book launch

Like with all speeches, you need to consider the purpose of your presentation and the action you want your audience to take, as well as who your audience is.

The one thing that can set a presentation that launches a book apart from other speeches is that it might simply be a sample reading from the book.

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Basic Considerations for a Book Launch Speech

  • Is there a purpose to your book launch beyond selling copies of your book?
    What does your speech need to include in order to encourage that action?
  • What kind of book are you launching?
    Your book’s topic, genre, and category affects the kinds of presentations that would be most appropriate.
  • What kinds of people will this book and book launch event attract?
    Your speech needs to speak to them where they are and lead them on a journey to where you want them to be. Knowing who they are will help you craft the right message in the right way.
  • What kind of speech will be most appropriate?
    There are three common types of speeches authors give at book launches: A sample reading from the book, a workshop based on the book’s content, or a background story about the book and the author. Choose wisely based on your answers to the above questions.

Once you have your answers to these questions, it is a simple matter of developing the speech itself. These previous posts can help you organize and structure a strong presentation.

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