How Your Book Can Get You a Speaking Job

Daniel HallBy Featured Speaker Daniel Hall

Another huge part of being an author is how your book can get you a speaking job. If you are considered an expert author in a certain subject then chances are you can get an opportunity to earn money while speaking on the subject that you have written about in your book.

One of these prime examples is someone like Mark Victor Hansen who is one of the creator’s of Chicken Soup For the Soul that does speaking engagements all around the world telling the story of how he and his business partner Jack Canfield had to pitch to hundreds of publishers their idea about the book and their repeated denial until they finally won out and now their book is one of the best selling series of books in the world. Now get this, these two guys didn’t even write the book. They just compiled it and told the story of how they sold it! And now they’re some of the highest paid speakers in the world just by telling their story about perseverance.

So how do you work this yourself? Well first you have to have something to share with the information that you have gained through your business. Then to really help you along with earning money while speaking you have to put it in the context of a good story. Stories stick with people much more than pieces of information or case studies and you should find a way to create edutainment (educational entertainment) for your audience so that you are truly engaged with them and then watch your speaking business explode.

Good thing it’s not that difficult to profit from getting a speaking engagement from your book. Books can be completed, on the market and selling internationally real fast – in fact, faster than you ever thought possible – IF you know how. Fortunately, I want to give you my #1 secret for cranking out high-quality, high profit books really fast. There is a free video at go there now and prepare for a paradigm shift.

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