Monkeys Are Cute But They Bite

Ric MorganBy Featured Speaker Ric Morgan

Every one of us has one or two, or a bunch of monkeys on our backs that represent nagging problems we personally have with life. They are difficult things for us to deal with, usually born out of habit or some deep psychological problem, and it takes a lot of consistent effort to either change or eliminate them.

To give you an example, I have a lifetime problem with receiving. Ask me to do you a favor, and I’m right there, but for me to ask for help is difficult.

I noticed this about myself back in the early 80s. I was sitting relaxed in my easy chair and I happened to look down and noticed both my hands were closed into very tight fists. I opened them up, wiggled my fingers around a bit, but then didn’t pay to much attention to them. A couple of weeks later I was taking a long weekend road trip with my current girlfriend. She reached over to hold my hand, looked over at me and said, “Are you angry about something, because I’ve noticed that even when you are relaxed, your hands are closed in fists?” And she said she noticed that I crossed my arms a lot, which is a barrier sign, meaning, stay away or stay out. Then, being the very insightful, spiritual person she was she said, “These actions are symbols. Unless you open up, you will not receive your greater good.”

As we drove along I remembered many of the times I had not been open to receive what was being offered to me. I almost wanted to turn around and see the monkey on my back.

I made a lot of conscious effort to open up. I unclenched my fists, I uncrossed my arms, and a funny thing started to happen…I started getting more work, and making more money.

But when I was told I was permanently disabled, I reverted back to my former comfort zone, closed my fists and started crossing my arms again. It wasn’t until I met the woman who would become my wife that it came up again. She was wealthy and I was broke and she wanted to give me an “allowance” every week to help make ends meet. I fought against that idea. Then I looked down and noticed my fists were closed, and it took everything I had in me to unfold my fingers. Once my hands were open I felt OK about taking the money. It was her choice to do that, and I had been closed to receiving her very loving gift.

To this day I sometimes have trouble asking for help, or accepting it from others. In the doctors office I was struggling to get out the door in my wheelchair and as a woman got up to help I said, “That’s OK, I can do it…I’m used to it.” Dunderhead. People want to help…it makes them feel good, and here I am refusing to accept their aid. But I have noticed I rarely cross my arms anymore and my fists are usually open, so you can change. It takes a lot of work and effort to get rid of those monkeys. What monkeys do you have and what will it take for you to get rid of them?

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