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Now is Here

Ric MorganBy Featured Speaker Ric Morgan

It is always Now. Though the future beckons and the past fills up your memories, what you always have, where you always are, is Now. The successes you enjoy are the successes you work to achieve not someday, not once upon a time, but now.

The actions that get taken, and the only ones which have any affect whatsoever, are the actions you take Now.

Though the past may still echo, though the future holds much promise, Now is where you live, Now is the place where you have an influence, Now is the time when you can make things happen.

What are you waiting for? Now is here Now. It is your time to live, to accomplish, to learn, to have fun, to move forward, to laugh, to love, to make a difference? Do it Now and it will get done.

Every opportunity, every possibility that exists, exists Now. Now encompasses a whole universe filled with abundance and energy. You are now. Now is yours. Make it the best it can be.

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