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Watch your language

When you are up on stage or at the front of the room giving a presentation, you need to be careful with the words you select to communicate your message. And you need to be selective in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Let me explain …

Offensive language
What one audience will find offensive, another will be totally O.K. with. So, you really need to know your audience and the kinds of colorful words you can use in front of them. Sometimes saying something like, “Get your sh*t together” will shock them; other times they won’t even notice.

That said, the more professional your presentation, the less tolerant of cussing your audience will be … even if they don’t mind the language in a more casual setting. When in doubt … leave the vulgar language out.

You may know your stuff … but does your audience? When speaking to a highly savvy audience, you may be expected to use the jargon of the field, but if you speaking to a lay audience, you’ll need to speak plain language.

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