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Growing As a Person – Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Personal Growth

Davida ShenskyBy Featured Speaker Davida Shensky

Personal growth only happens when you recognize that you have low self-esteem. One is supposed to love their parents simply because they are your parents. The problem is as children we offer unconditional love because we expect to be loved in return. It is only as we begin to mature and recognize that what one is experiencing at the hands of their parents, is truly abuse. Just because your mother is your mother, does not give her the right to mistreat you as a child, or even a teenager, and even then after you achieve adulthood. The problem is that she may hate herself and is only treating you the way she expects to be herself. One loves their parents, but that does not mean you like the way that parent treats one. Unless one’s parents are willing to seek help with one as a family, the best thing you can do is distance yourself from them once you achieve adulthood.

As you start to change and grow, but your relationship with your parents remains toxic, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stay is our way from them as possible. One can not change their family unless they are willing to make the changes themselves, but once you change and refuse to accept their behavior in your life, then the best thing one can do for themselves is to stay away from that toxic environment, because they will continually try to pull you back and sabotage all the work you have done for yourself. The problem is when someone lacks self-esteem, they are jealous of anyone else who was successful, and specially family members, and refuse to let you be successful.

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