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The Power of Visual Aids

rap starPicture this. The next speaker is announced and rap music begins to play. The speaker struts onto the stage wearing a faux fur coat, a broad-rimmed hat and dark sunglasses. Once he arrives at center stage, the music dies away and he begins to share with you the evolution of rap music, eventually removing the coat, hat and glasses.

I’ve seen this speech. It broke all the rules of the competition at the time, but it illustrates a very good point about visual aids.

Visual aids are there to support your speech. They are there to add information, ambiance and to set the tone. This speaker helped his audience get an idea for early rap culture by dressing the part. He added a visual to his words that was powerful, effective and memorable. (I saw this speech in 1984 and still remember it.)

In today’s technology drenched world, you have a myriad choices for visual aids. Select them strategically and carefully. And always be prepared for the occasional technical difficulty.

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Public Speaking Tip #6: Present Your Speech Well

Here is the second installment of excerpts from For the Love of Public Speaking, a 27-minute introduction to Toastmasters I produced during a Television Production Workshop at Santa Rosa Junior College in 1994. This week I cover “Presentation.”

The information in this video is targeted to people who are just starting in Toastmasters. But the basis of what I’m saying applies to anyone who wants to make public speaking a part of their business, as well.

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