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Would you really rather be dead than do public speaking?

Would You Really Rather Be Dead Than Do Public Speaking?
(Day 31, Speaking Palooza 2019)

The words “public speaking” often strike fear in the hearts of many an otherwise brave soul. In Felicia Slattery’s college public speaking class, and later in her business working with business professionals to develop their speaking and businesses, she’s witnessed strong, powerful people reduced to a bundle of nerves, nearly unable to put a sentence together because of public speaking anxiety. In this post, she shares some tips on how to move forward and overcome this fear.

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Fear-Free: 11 Ways to Overcome Your Fear

Fear-Free: 11 Ways to Overcome Your Fear (Video)
(Day 27, Speaking Palooza 2019)

The first thing you need to understand about fear is that everyone is afraid. Fear is a basic human emotion that has kept us alive for hundreds of thousands of years. Without a healthy sense of fear, our ancestors would have been eaten by saber-toothed tigers or T-rexes straight off the bat (even thought I know we didn’t live with T-rexes). Anyway, you get my point. Fear is what stops you from taking unnecessary risks and getting yourself into serious trouble.

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