The Power of Authenticity

After passion for your topic, the most common public speaking superpower I found was the Power of Authenticity. But what does that mean in the context of public speaking?

The Power of Authenticity

When someone is authentic, they are worthy of our trust and belief. They are real. They are true to their own personality, spirit and character.

So, when you give a presentation in your own true voice, from your unique perspective and you are credible in your knowledge, you are using the Power of Authenticity.

In fact, the Power of Authenticity can be what sets you apart from other speakers who give presentations on the same topic. You see, no two people are exactly alike, so even if five speakers give a presentation on the same topic, if each one uses the Power of Authenticity … each presentation will be entirely different.

For example, do you think that when a Republican and a Democrat speak about health care, they will say the same things? Of course not! If they are true to their beliefs, they will talk about health care in very different ways.

Another example: Several of the featured speakers talk about similar topics. And yet, no two featured speakers are alike. Each one has their own special way of tackling the same material. And this is because each one has a different life journey that brought them to the stage. Each one has a different way of looking at the same topic, a different emphasis within that topic.

When you bring the Power of Authenticity into your presentations, some people will not resonate with you. And that’s O.K. They are not your ideal audience. When you embrace the Power of Authenticity, you will attract those who were meant to, and who need to, hear about your topic of expertise in the way that only you can talk about it.

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Carma Spence, is author of Public Speaking Super Powers. She is fiercely committed to guiding women to Owning their Superpowers and turning their knowledge and interests into a profitable business. She is masterful at helping her clients see what is possible for them and supporting them on the journey from where they are to where they want to be, releasing the Mind Goblins of self-doubt, self-sabotage and second-guessing that keep them stuck.

With 20+ years experience in marketing communications and public relations, natural intuitive skills and certification in using some of the most effective transformational coaching tools available, Carma’s mission and commitment is to unleash the inner power every woman entrepreneur possesses so they can boldly go out into the world, transforming the fabric of people’s lives in meaningful and positive ways.

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