Vulnerability Is Key to Authenticity

Vulnerability isn’t a word that’s often associated with strength – and yet there’s a lot of power in vulnerability. Being vulnerable can help you develop true connections and to have the courage to be your authentic self.

Vulnerability Is Key to Authenticity

In her audiobook The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection and Courage Brené Brown says that, contrary to popular belief, being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Unfortunately, society teaches people to push aside or ignore feelings that have been labeled as not being powerful. Brown teaches you that to avoid emotions is actually lessening your power.

Featured Speaker Ric Morgan recommends allowing your vulnerable side to show when on the stage. He believes that if what you’re sharing moves you to cry, then cry. “If it moves me, why not?” he says. “I think something like that that moves me actually brings me closer to an audience, and for me to squash that is me doing myself and the people a disservice.”

Rather than ignore or turn away from feelings such as shame or fear, Brown says you should embrace what you’ve been taught are negative or weak emotions. One of the reasons that she teaches you to embrace these emotions is because they are the gateway to truth within yourself.

By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you experience authenticity – which is the center of who you are. You’ll experience joy and love on a different level by learning how to be vulnerable.

Brown shares how to break down that wall you’ve put up to keep other people at arm’s length. Most people build this wall because they’ve been hurt and this is their protective measure.

But what you don’t realize is that when you build a wall to keep others out, you’ve effectively made yourself a prisoner. The same wall that keeps others out, keeps you trapped.

With the teachings in Brown’s audiobook, you’ll learn how to lower your guard so that you live life from a place of authenticity. You’ll be able to live a life that’s fuller and filled with meaning.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean that you’re weak. It means that you’ve decided to live life with courage. The audiobook is filled with insight that can teach people how to embrace life and how to stop avoiding things you feel would cause you pain or grief.

When you live life expecting the worst, you miss out on the freedom that comes with living authentically and courageously. With the audiobook as a guideline, you’ll learn how you can let go and open yourself to a life that’s full and much more than you ever imagined it could be.

You’ll find that your core happiness has increased as well as your inner peace. You’ll be free to live and love without being on guard. Brown teaches you what shame does and how you can understand your true worth.

You’ll see how certain coping methods – such as perfectionism – keep you from truly experiencing life. You’ll discover what your emotional line in the sand is, what causes you to pull back from emotions and how you can let go of that.

Vulnerability is a key to authenticity. When you know when and how to be vulnerable — especially on the stage — you will be a much more powerful communicator.

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