What Public Speakers Can Learn from Lady Gaga

Every morning I take a 40-minute walk while listening to tunes on my iPod Shuffle. One of the artists who has several songs loaded on my iPod is Lady Gaga … a woman who knows how to brand herself very well. I’ve seen a few articles on what small business owners can learn from Lady Gaga, so I thought it would be a cool idea to share some of the things public speakers can learn from her, as well.

What Public Speakers Can Learn from Lady Gaga

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The Art of Fame

Like her music or not, you kind of have to admit that Lady Gaga knows how to become famous. She’s worked it … and worked it well. She studied what others before her had done to become well known and then planned every moment of her career to make use of what worked. Public speakers should be studying the marketing and business tactics of accomplished public speakers. What have they done right to get to the top? How can you adapt what they’ve done in their area of public speaking to help you achieve success in yours?

Connect with Your Audience

Lady Gaga is true to her fans, in part because she knows who they are and what they want from her. One of the public super speaking powers is knowing and connecting with your audience. Each speaker has a unique way in which he or she can connect to his or her audience. Use that … work that. Know who your audience is and what they need from you. Then get know how you can meet those needs is a way that no other speaker can.

Be Passionate About Your Message

At the heart of her music, Lady Gaga is all about accepting yourself as you are and embracing your uniqueness. She grew up feeling like an outcast and has turned that particular lemon into a rather lucrative pitcher of lemonade. What’s your core message? How can you communicate your passion for that message in a way that draws in and connects with your audience?

Stand In Your Power

Lady Gaga takes risks and boldly stand forth in her outrageous power. All public speakers have a power that is special to them. But so many of us are timid, afraid to stand in that power and let it shine. Success is for the bold … go for it! Be all you are and shine that wondrous light you were born with to all who can take it! Those are your audience and they hunger to bask in your light. Really.

Be Fresh

Although Lady Gaga is always true to her brand, no two performances, albums, etc. are the same. She changes things up and is always experimenting with new ways to express herself and her brand. If you get too comfortable with your presentations, you’ll lose that passion that draws in the audience. Always seek new ways to spice things up and keep your energy and enthusiasm for your topic up.

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