Why Bother Improving Public Speaking Skills?

Working on your public speaking skills can affect more than just your ability to speak to groups of people. Improving your public speaking skills can raise your self-worth and confidence.

Why Bother Improving Public Speaking Skills?

In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, realizing your self-worth ranks the highest. When you’ve given a good speech, your personal satisfaction increases your sense of self-worth. You become more confident, especially when the audience responds positively.

There was once a student who dropped a course five times because he hated speaking in front of the class. But after a self-study on building up confidence, he decided to give public speaking a try and was successful. In fact, he came to enjoy the experience and even volunteered to give more speeches.

I’ve had this same experience. When I first joined Toastmasters I dreaded the “Table Topics” section of the meeting where people are randomly chosen to stand up and talk for a minute or two on a topic given to them right then and there. After a few months of wanting to crawl under the table whenever Table Topics began, I started to enjoy being called. By the end of the year I was practically doing a “Horshack” and waving my arms in the air for the Table Topics Master to call me!

Improving your public speaking skills can improve your overall communications skills. Through public speaking tools like research, conceptualization, and organization, you have a systematic and effective way of presenting your ideas; and thus, you will be able to express yourself better. You will also become more open to other people. Furthermore, speaking skills can help you advance in your career, putting you in a more significant role as you talk with people of high standing.

Lastly, public speaking satisfies your sense of achievement when the audience accepts you warmly. This reflects your level of communication skills and acumen. All these contribute to your self-esteem.

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